Adversaries Find Your Unknown
and Misconfigured Internet
Assets, Shouldn’t You?

Qadium provides an adversary’s view of your global edge by
continuously discovering and tracking your Internet assets.


Dynamic Edge Tracking:

Your constantly changing perimeter is a security imperative.

Large organizations’ IT staffs do not truly know what internet edge assets they have, where they are, whether they are configured and behaving properly, and if they are secure.

Why Dynamic Edge Tracking?

Core Network

Large organizations usually do not know the full extent of their surface area, and rarely conduct IP range audits.

Shadow IT

Employees often violate corporate policy in good faith, such as hastily setting up development, testing, and staging environments.

Third-Party Hosting

Infrastructure managed by third parties and running in cloud hosting services or co-location facilities pose a particular challenge for central IT monitoring.

Business Partner Supply Chain

Merger and acquisition (M&A) events often involve opaque, labor-intensive IT integration processes with incomplete, inherited asset lists.

Leaking Internal Assets

Perimeter security misconfigurations routinely result in large organizations placing “internal only” assets on the public Internet.

IoT Devices

Large organizations unknowingly expose building automation devices, industrial control systems, teleconferencing equipment, insecure network gear, to the internet.

Qadium Helps You Take
Back Your Global Edge

Our global edge tracking platform rapidly interrogates
the entire Internet looking for unknown connected
devices, their configuration, and behaviors.

We index our findings and enrich data with authoritative information to determine ownership while looking for misconfiguration and abnormal behaviors of these assets. This complete, outside-in view discovers your internet exposures and their types. Our team acts as an extension of your team to audit, support, and manage your ever-changing perimeter.