Our Story

The original co-founders of Qadium — Matt Kraning, Shaun Maguire, Joe Meyerowitz, and Tim Junio – met while working at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s blue-sky research arm known for world-changing technology breakthroughs like the Internet, the GPS, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. With roots in foundational research and development, Qadium was established in 2012 with a simple yet lofty vision to assemble a small team of algorithms experts to prototype new technologies involving three common factors: massive scale data, advanced computational methods, and a high ratio of impact to likelihood-of-success. There was no plan for a commercial product offering, just raw tech. Over the next 3 years, Qadium secured over $12 million in competitively bid contract awards from DARPA based on the technical rigor and originality of its prototyping proposals.

In 2013, Tim and Matt recognized an important problem faced by large organizations, and realized that a solution might be possible. Large organizations could not thoroughly understand their computer networks due to high degrees of complexity, interdependence, and porousness. They also recognized this problem would only continue to get worse with the explosion of IoT devices, BYOD, shadow IT, and migration to cloud services. Consequently, Qadium wrote a proposal for DARPA to fund experimentation of a software architecture that could monitor the entire surface area of the global Internet and automatically generate analytic results about connected devices. In short, why have people monitor an imprecise map of one network (the state of the art at the time) when you could have computers monitor the entire Internet?

With a small team of engineers from Stanford, MIT, and Caltech, Qadium built a prototype of a persistent Internet monitoring platform. Initial testing resulted in the discovery of major Internet backbone security risks that could, if exploited by hostile actors, have resulted in a disruption of a substantial fraction of global Internet services. Convinced that the solution had merits, Qadium ran similar tests against large organizations. Just as expected, Qadium discovered network vulnerabilities that big companies and government agencies were unaware of, and devices they did not know were connected to the global Internet. Qadium began selling insightful external network exposure reports generated by the solution to large enterprises. This solution would later morph into today’s automated platform.

The idea that “the Internet is now small” and could be monitored in real time was perceived as potentially game-changing by top tier venture capitalists, including legendary early stage investor Peter Thiel, who led the first money in. The initial rounds of funding helped accelerate Qadium’s progress in bringing a product to market atop the core technology platform. Qadium capitalized on these investments to build Expander, a web-based user interface to empower the whole range of large enterprise users to explore their global Internet data, and to surface results “automagically” without their having to know what keywords to search on.

In the first year of having Expander on the market, Qadium closed sales with multiple Fortune 10 companies and enterprise customers in diverse sectors including banking, payment processing, information technology manufacturing, industrial site construction, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and retail. Our national security roots have also grown; Qadium is under contract with large US government agencies, including US Cyber Command, the US military’s preeminent cyber operational organization. We routinely surface information for our enterprise and government customers that they could not have found using labor or any other commercial software product.

Leadership Team

Dr. Tim Junio | Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman

Tim has over a decade of operational and academic experience in cybersecurity and large-scale distributed sensing. Prior to co-founding Qadium, he worked at DARPA, RAND Corporation, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and CIA. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and remains an affiliate, occasionally lecturing and mentoring students on cybersecurity. Tim holds a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Matt Kraning | Co-Founder, CTO & Director

Matt is an expert in large-scale optimization, distributed sensing, and machine learning algorithms run on massively parallel systems. Prior to co-founding Qadium, Matt worked for DARPA, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Matt holds PhD and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, all from Stanford University.

Greg Toto | VP, Product

Greg joined Qadium with over 20 years of experience building enterprise products, most recently at Apteligent (acquired by VMware). Prior to Apteligent, Greg held management, product, and engineering roles at Moka5, Quantivo, IBM, and BigFix (acquired by IBM). Greg holds his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon.

Anthony Narducci | VP, Sales

Anthony joined Qadium with over 17 years of enterprise sales experience, most recently as VP of Sales at ThousandEyes, where he was responsible for leading worldwide field operations and solutions engineering. Prior to ThousandEyes, Anthony held various sales management and sales roles in early-stage and midsize companies, including ClearSlide, Meraki (acquired by Cisco), Aruba Networks (acquired by HPE), and Savvius. Anthony received his MBA at UC Davis and his Bachelor’s at Clemson.

Dan Quinlan | VP, Finance and Operations

Dan joined Qadium from Dropbox, where he worked on the Strategic Finance team. Prior to Dropbox, Dan worked at Meraki (acquired by Cisco). He began his career in investment banking, and received his Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania.

Board of Directors

Dr. Tim Junio

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman

Dr. Matt Kraning

Co-Founder, CTO & Director

Scott Sandell


Scott is Managing General Partner and head of NEA’s Technology investing practice. Since joining the firm in 1996, he has personally led investments in industry-transforming companies like Bloom Energy, Data Domain, Fusion-io, Salesforce.com, Tableau Software, WebEx, and Workday.

Dave Dorman

Director (Independent)

Dave is a Founding Partner of Centerview Capital Technology and Knoll Ventures. He is currently Non-Executive Chairman of CVS Health and serves on the boards of PayPal, Dell, and the Georgia Tech Foundation, and is the former Chairman and CEO of AT&T.

Shaun Maguire

Co-Founder & Director

Shaun is currently a Partner at GV, focusing on quantum computing and other hard science investments. He previously worked at DARPA and was deployed to Afghanistan. He holds Masters’ degrees from Stanford and Caltech, and expects to receive his PhD from Caltech.


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