Your network is more than you know

Qadium’s global Internet intelligence platform offers a new, beyond-the-firewall approach to cybersecurity that gives you the situational awareness to identify, monitor, and defend your true network boundary. Our platform continually monitors the global Internet, collecting information on all public Internet-connected devices. Qadium products built on this platform enable customers to achieve continuous global coverage and understanding of all of their digital assets at all times.

Understanding Your True Network Boundary



We scan and map the global Internet hourly to provide you with complete visibility into and actionable insights about digital assets that are relevant to you.

Accurate and Relevant

We deliver an accurate and relevant view of your true network boundary and exposures.


We automatically update your true network boundary in real time.


We deliver defensible knowledge that provides visibility into and actionable insights about your true network boundary and exposures for the whole spectrum of users from security analysts up to board of directors.

Immediate Time To Value

We deliver immediate value with our agentless technology that requires no inputs from you, no on-site installation, and no privileged access.


We keep our customers a step ahead of malicious actors by routinely adding new modules to detect new kinds of digital assets and relevant context. This means our platform will scale with the growth in the complexity of the Internet.

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